June 6, 2019

Www.McAfee.com/Activate – Enter your code – Activate McAfee Product

McAfee as antivirus software develops a protective shield for your devices and data loss from the intervention of cyber crimein pc, Mac, smartphones or tablet on purchasing, installing, downloading and by activating all McAfee products available on official website by providing 25 digit unique code in www.macfee.com/activate to activate licensed McAfee product such as site advisor, E- business server, change control and many more .


Before downloading software or product, make sure:

  • Device have sufficient data storage
  • While downloading and installation process there is no interruptions in the internet connectivity

Steps you need to follow to purchase McAfee product online

  1. mcafee.com/activate
  2. McAfeeMy Account
  3. “Sign in” (if existing member) else “sign up”(for becoming a member)
  4. Select the desired product you want to purchase
  5. Choose the years for which you want to subscribe the product
  6. Submit
  7. Choose payment mode

Steps to purchase  McAfee product offline

  1. Visit nearby retail shop to purchase desired product
  2. Shop will provide you with a packet containing McAfee licensed product

NOTE – If you face any issue regarding purchase of McAfee product via offline or online, kindly contact with the technical support via email or toll free number provided on the website and on the product packet.

Steps to follow downloading and installation of Mcafee product in devices:

  1. Visit website www.mcafee.com/activate
  2. Redeem McAfee card, enter the McAfee licensed key code to authenticate your purchase.

(Note- if purchased online, kindly check your registered email id or the text message which you might have received and if purchased offline, please check the keyword either of the backside of CD or the activation key card might be in the product package.)

  • “Sign in” (if you’re an existing member) else “sign up” and fill the details as asked
  • Choose the device for which you want to install
  • Choose product you have purchased
  • Click on the downloading link wait until  the completion of download process
  • Type “McAfee activate” in the search bar for download files or folders”
  • Read and accept the McAfeelicense terms. Click on the “agree” for installation process.

Now , In order to activate McAfee process, visit to website and select “mcafee activate” product and then search for the “activate” option from the menu list. Now, your device is secured and prevented from virus with having Mcafee product. Once the antivirus is activated, it will start protecting your system against all threat and hacking attempts. The customer can visit the official website for further assistance and read carefully the FAQs to clarify any doubts.


Due to the hassle- free activation and quick setup, this antivirus is one of the most efficient ones in the market which is even easy to use and seamless security provided by it, will be worth for your entire penny.