How to Setup and Configure McAfee Internet Security on Mac

Digital reach is all set to revolutionize the personal life, work, healthcare facilities and business environment. It is touching all aspects of our life. Security has now become a significant concern. Ongoing as well as the upcoming era is facing severe security challenges. Day to day security breaches and unethical interference with your system is increasing with tremendous speed. The modern-day snooping tools and well-equipped hackers are continuously challenging the smooth run and safety of individual’s cyberspace

To secure your PC’s data, your privacy and to protect information from any snooping and data harm, you need a well-equipped security tool that not only guards your system but also vanish out every suspicious element from your PC. An antivirus is like immunity system for every device which not only runs as gauntlet against every security attack on any device

McAfee is one of the best armors available in the market. It saves the computers from evil programmers and snoops from the very beginning of its launch.

Here are installation step through which you can safeguard your Mac

Ensure you have internet connection in your system

Downloading the Installer

1.    Go to the official website of McAfee

2.    Select My Account to Sign in to your account.

3.    Enter all required information like Username and Password to proceed.

4.    Click to McAfee Internet Security from the My Apps option.

5.    Press Download option which is in “Protect all your devices” choice.

6.     Select Continue after agreeing on the term and conditions of the McAfee License Agreement document.

7.    Note the serial number, appears into Download Button. It is crucial for the activation of McAfee. So keep it safe for future concern.

Tip: It is suggested to activate the McAfee antivirus, just after installation of it on your system because the activation key or serial that you have stored for the future purpose will remain valid only two hours from its generation. In case you are planning to activate your account after some while, then you need to generate it again.

8.    Press to Download. It will save the downloaded file in the default location. You can change the storage area of the downloaded file according to your convenience.

Installation of McAfee after download

1.    Go to the downloaded McAfee file. It might be in the by default location, i.e. at Download option of your system or in the place where you store it at the time of download.

2.    After finding then downloaded McAfee file open it to install.

3.    You can identify the setup file by its name, i.e. McAfee-MacInstaller-3.x.dmg.

4.    Open it by two instant click or “double click”.

5.    It stars the installation of setup file into your Mac machine.

Tip: Select the Open option if an alert pops up on your screen asking that it was being inherited from the internet.

6.    It needs your Mac authentication before installation on your local system.

7.    Enter the authentication credentials in the authentication window.

8.    Now, another window prompts to your screen which needs a serial number which you have noted down for the future purpose.

9.    Go through with the instructions which prompt at the different stage of the installation.

10.    Finally, you reach the completion of the installation.

11.    Select “finish” option to finalize the installation.

12.    Select the “trust” option in case Safari asks you to choose Site Advisor Extension.

13.    Click Trust when Safari requests that you trust the Site Advisor extension.

Tip: In case your Mac firewall is configured for Home network, then it is a chance your firewall alarms a message at the first time installation of McAfee into your system. Change your firewall setting to Home or Work in this case. McAfee firewall develops a new and default network protocol after the completion of installation and will not pop up any massage whenever you install McAfee again in your system.

How to Configure McAfee Internet Security on Mac

The public access to local files can be affected by network rule. In case you are using Private access of your IP, then go through with the following steps.

1.    Select the symbol or short-cut icon of McAfee security.

2.    Click on McAfee Internet Security Preferences.

3.    Open firewall option in case it was not on the list.

4.    Click to unlock the padlock option if it is close. It needs Mac administrable access, so enter the password to open it.

5.    Change the type of network to Public from Home or work by selecting the TYPE option in the drop-down tab.

6.    Close the window by pressing the Red tab present on the screen.

7.    It will enable McAfee Internet Security on your Mac and complete the process.

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