There are a lot of antivirus software available for Windows. You can choose the one which suits your needs and preferences. There are a number of reasons why you would need to install an antivirus software on your computer:

1) To protect your computer against viruses and malware that can infect it from outside

2) To protect yourself against viruses that might be delivered via e-mail attachments or by online bank transfer, etc.

3) To protect your computer from hackers who may steal information from it. Such as cryptocurrency mining attacks, etc.

4) To protect your computer against ransomware attacks, if the virus or malware itself is ransomware, but you don’t want to pay ransom to get its data back. But if you are the victim of ransomware attack, then there’s no way out

Antivirus software is a product that helps protect your computer from malware and viruses. It does this by scanning files looking for errors, looking for new viruses, and blocking malicious sites.

Antivirus software is among the most important and appreciated software in our lives. It makes sure that your computer runs smoothly and safely.

While we think that antivirus software is a must-have for our PC, many people actually prefer not to use it. On the other hand, we all know that there are some instances when you may want to use an antivirus tool such as McAfee or Norton to keep safe from viruses and malware.

This section will help you understand what to do if you wish to use an antivirus program such as McAfee or Norton on your computer.

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In addition to anti-virus protection, make copies of your data

It is a known fact that a lot of data is lost on a daily basis. Some of the most valuable data is the ones that are stored inside your hard disk or in your cloud account. Copy protection can be used to protect these valuable information from being stolen. Remember the data you save in your cloud account, because it could be valuable for some other user if they steal your password!

Computer viruses can come from anywhere. They can be in your

workstation, on the internet or on your iphone.


if you have a McAfee virus protection software installed, chances are high

that you will not have any viruses to worry about. This means that

this is a very potent protection against malware and other viruses which can infect your computer. Even if McAfee does not detect the virus in the scope of their antivirus scanner, they know that it is a virus and would notify you accordingly. In essence, this has helped in reducing the number of unwanted visitors to your website by rejecting all these messages and instead displaying only messages related to protection from specific types of malware such as ransomware or banking trojans etc. Such messages are more likely

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